Visiting more pretty things!

A lot of my free time is spent around stuff to do with archaeology… who me!?… I know right! Who would have thought it!?


So I took myself off touring Newark-on-Trent. Walked around, grabbed a couple of drinks, ate a roast dinner and most importantly went to the Civil War Museum, which is actually just the museum of Newark as well.

Lots of brilliant paintings depicting battles and scenes of the civil war going on that happened around Newark, but it also has the history (and pre-history) of Newark!

So firstly I saw some sites. Checked out the town.

Lots of pretty things. Old and slightly more modern. That tall chimney used to be for the church. The fancy looking building is the Corn Exchange and then of course the big one is Newark Castle.

Inside the museum…

  • There is a boys dormitory, dating back to the Tudor period, above is a selection of the graffitti which was still on the walls. (Apparently, the Walt Disney came to visit the area, just being down the road from a village called Norton Disney, and the chappy at the museum tried to tell me the R/B. Disney inscribed above was related… I wonder if his name was Robert and he went by Bob?)
  • There were canon balls (wish I had taken a photo)
  • There were Stewart era dressing up clothes, of course I put on the dress
  • There was a ‘mini-cinema’ where you could sit and watch 3 short films about people living in the Civil War era
  • You could even download an Augmented Reality app! I kid you not. You install it (which takes a month of Sundays) and then you can walk around the museum and town and utilise said augmented reality, can even get a painting of old Charlie boy himself talking!

But the piece de resistence… the Newark Torc.


Now I’m not 100% happy with the way in which this is displayed, ie not with the rest of the pre-historic loveliness, completely displayed out of context, basically showcased as a “look at me, I’m big and shiny and made of gold”… ah well.

So there we have it. A round up of a trip to Newark 🙂