Eep.. my review

After nearly 4 months of having my job, my probation is at an end! Huzzah.

I have been deemed passable.

So what have I learnt?

  • How not to murder an old man who is my terrible digger driver
  • How to laugh my way through some rather politically charged meetings
  • How to smile and delegate when in your head are simply the words “if you want something done right – do it yourself”
  • How to make each member of managements perfect cup of tea (I think that’s the clincher)
  • How bribery, such as buying ice cream and cookies, is far more effective than training (somehow things miraculously improve and become faster)

Things about my personality that my boss has learned

  • Apparently I can be quite bullish and when I get into that way I seem unwilling to listen to advice from my seniors, particularly if I ‘know’ I’m right (Who…me?)
  • That I can’t stay in my seat. If I’m locked indoors I find it very difficult to concentrate on a computer screen for longer than half an hour. I have to get up, have a chat or go and make a cup of tea… they noticed.
  • Apparently I have a lot of personality. Particularly being very chipper.

All the things which made up my review… notice how hardly any of them actually have anything to do with archaeology, and yet, form up nearly all of the aspects of what I need to be like to do my job.

As I move up the ‘ranks’ of professional archaeology it is sad that it becomes less and less about my ability to dig holes and draw them, but simply spend a lot of time on the phone and trying to restrain my attention deficit.


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