Old dogs & New tricks.

One of the best parts of my job is working with people who are genuinely interested in archaeology.

When a community archaeology project arrives I absolutely jump at the chance, this is why I am currently taking holiday from work to help on Operation Nightingale.

Here are a few photos of my old dogs learning new tricks and they’re loving it!

One of veterans Steve being left to the planning after having to endure a good hours lesson from myself about planning on an excavation. How we do it and why we do it. After that lesson I left him to it to complete 1m square worth and went back to check his drawing afterwards, needless to say, he’d done a stirling job!


In this photo you can see experienced commercial archaeologist Nick Garry showing some of the veterans different types of finds/artefacts. Predominantly Roman goods, so that they could get a feel for the type of finds which they themselves could expect to find in their trench. You can also see a man in a hat (Dr. Will Rathouse) displaying his collection of replica pre-Roman jewellery, which he had very cleverly made himself! (Even managed to sell a couple of pieces on the project)


Now knowledge doesn’t all pass one way, our veterans are certainly teaching us a thing or two as well. Here’s Steve again but this time as the instructor on how to properly throw a grenade (in exaggerated movements).


And this photo is our Fred, telling the boys a few life lessons.

A lot of the time on site is spent exchanging stories of our lives. The best part about this project really!



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