Adding strings to the bow…

In my naivety I thought being a good digger, good at doing paperwork and being good at rectifying other peoples mistakes on paperwork would be the way forward to make it as a good supervisor.

Oh naive little Beki. Since starting my new proper grown-up job in archaeology I have learnt so many new things and have got plenty more to go.

1) I’ve been advancing my experience with those old GPS units.

2) I’ve been learning QGIS (I found this incredibly tricky and convoluted… but turns out with repetition it gets much easier and I can now digitise my plans, sections and set them out all pretty and ready to print!)


3) I’ve asked to do my First Aid training.. they’ve said I can and are looking into the next available session.

4) At some point I will get to learn about 3D photography and setting all of that palava up!

5) Finally after all that it will be the turn of the geophys team to show me the ways!

Baby steps…


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