Must have gypsy in the blood.

I moved out of London on May 10th.

I took a week off to recuperate and see the family.

The 17th May I moved to Lincoln, I had planned to stay there until July 20th, but after two days and the realisation that I was expected to do 12 hour shifts and work 6 days a week, I simply thought “hell no”

So I got in touch with an old boss. Organised to head to Northampton after a weeks notice in Lincoln and spend my time there until July 20th.

On the Friday before being due to leave I get offered a better job. I say I’ve already agreed to head to Northampton, so out of professional courtesy I shall head there for 2 weeks and then join the better job with a new company in Lincoln.

I’m now settling there as the contract is permanent. However this does include going on secondment for 3 weeks from July 20th back up the North Yorkshire.

All of this comes after moving around from:

Shropshire – Milton Keynes – Gloucester – Edinburgh – Bradford – Exmouth & Hayling Island – Chester – Richmond – London

My nanny used to tell me that my fathers family were descended from Rom’s who left India, travelled through Romania into Europe and finally settled in Ireland before upping sticks (like so many) and settling in Birmingham.

Many many many generations down the line… I think those itchy feet linger in the genetics.


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