I am a neglectful blogger – the life of a gypsy archaeologist.

This year I have moved three times so far.

I went to North Yorkshire and was living around Richmond.

On the 23rd of February I moved to London.

On the 10th May I moved out of London and took a week off (after working 3-11pm, 6 days a week I slept A LOT!)

1.5 weeks ago I moved to Lincoln, where I thought I would stay for a while.

Alas the suitcase calls again. The job I started in Lincoln wants us to work 7-7 Mon to Fri and 7-4 on a Sunday, I said no thank you.

So on Friday I leave this site in Lincoln, head down to Northampton for 2 weeks to dig with a former company and then after those two weeks are done I will move back to Lincoln, to lucky company #10.

Here I shall be staying. I am retiring my suitcase for a wee while and have accepted a permanent contract with someone new.

Here’s to pastures greener and new! Project Supervisor!

I think this gives a slight indication to how good the diggers market is right now!


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