It seems I have been busy…

It is bizarre to think that a large chunk of time can pass without even noticing… that has just happened to me!

So the work in London is almost through. You may have seen us on the news, read the articles and heard the rumours. But it is true, the burial ground in completed and we are currently making a dash for the finish line through the last of the Roman archaeology.

It has been a blast working in London. The big smoke.

The archaeology is complex, the layers intermixed beyond identification and the people have been amazing (well most of them, ha!)

Interestingly though.. and the real point of this blog today is that it truely is the diggers market out there right now! Do not be lured by the offer of long contracts and fake loyalty! We were told a few days ago that we shall likely end early and that of course leads to the hunt for new work.

I was a bit slow on the dash to the laptop and the bajr website, mostly because I am in the rather fortunate position of having never really burnt my bridges with people I worked for (minus one horrific mistake of a company, but as they don’t even make it on to my CV they don’t count!) I know that with a couple of phones calls to various areas across the country I can be on site and in work on the Monday.

But anywho… I digress. Yes it’s a diggers market out there. There is so much work on the go and companies are desperate for staff. I sent out 3 CV’s yesterday and last night one company got in touch with a staff form to fill in and I got the offer of a contract from a different company this morning.

By Jove… archaeology is actually healthy in the UK right now! Get those CVs out there folks!


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