Being mistaken for a tramp…

So my break from work the other day was a bit of a malarky.

I was meeting someone for coffee during my half an hour off, but I couldn’t bare the thought of going out in my orange get up. So as I wear leggings under my PPE trousers and normally only have my hi-vi vest over a couple of vest tops I thought “I know… I’ll take my boots downstairs and chuck my PPE off and change my shoes and I’ll look almost human, just with messy hair”

So I took my boots downstairs, left them at the side of site, break time comes around, my planned changing area is filled with eager-eyed visitors to site, so I pop out the gate and in through the next one to the designated smoking zone, there were two workers in there but, what the heck, when a girls gotta change, she’s gotta change.

I looked at them, told them “thing’s are about to get weird, but just go with it”

Their reply was simply an intrigued look as I reached for my shoe laces and proceeded to rip off my site boots and PPE trousers, I told them not to look so happy, they weren’t about to see anything exciting, to which I got back “Oh but just think that this is Barbados!”

Anywho… in clean shoes, my leggings and vest top off I trotted to meet a boy at the coffee shop. Ordered our drinks and went and sat on the steps of the train station listening to the busker (started with Pink Floyd… devastatingly went to Oasis afterwards!)

While sat on the steps of the station a beggar starts going around to everyone asking for money. The cheek of it! Looked at me and clearly decided that by my appearance (even with clean looking boy on side) that I wasn’t worth the asking. I was almost insulted! I normally resemble a chimney sweep as I’m leaving site, but still!!

After I went back to work I was telling my colleague Rose about this and thank god, something funnier happened to her!

She explained that one day she left work and was waiting at the barriers for her boyfriend to come through, she too wasn’t looking magazine ready. Sitting there waiting… someone threw a £ her way! Probably thought she looked like she could use a hot drink! ha! So as her boyfriend walked through the barriers she ran up to him and said more loudly than necessary “See I’m not a tramp! I have a man”

And THEN after these discussions, I left work, once again having removed PPE, I had made the attempt to wash my hands and face, but lets face it, miracles can’t be made in the small cubicle toilets at work. I was tired and when I got outside to wait for the barage of colleagues who all travel home together, I decided to squat leaning against the fence of site.

I got some funny looks and as one of the supervisors came out of the building I decided to stand up so that I could talk to her face to face to say Ta Ra, she asked me what I was doing, so I quipped “thought I better stand up before someone mistakes me for a tramp”… man in suit walking past laughs and says “good idea!” GOOD IDEA!? By Jove sir!


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