And like dominoes we fall…

I suppose it is the same on site as it is within any business, community, social group.

One person catches the common cold… and slowly but surely it gathers speed and intensity until like the last vestiges of the Roman Empire it finally comes and topples us all.

In archaeology I suppose it takes longer to get to all of us, we do have the advantage of being outdoors in the fresh air all day and we do manual labour to just sweat it out.

But last night as I was mattocking away I thought to myself ‘Good lord I must be doing some heavy digging, my muscles feel it’ so there was me thinking that I was getting quite the work out (at last after weeks of small discreet digging) but alas. I have been struck by my colleagues and their germs.

This occurs because there is always the Trooper, the person who is so dedicated and just a darn right do gooder that they come into work even when they look and feel like death warmed up. On to site they roll with their own version of man flu and just endure the day, allowing the full impact of said lurgy to spread to the rest.


It is quite funny than a bunch of rather rough looking digger types can all be wiped off site by the simple cold!


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