It’s Mothers Day

So here in the UK it is the day that we celebrate our Ma’s. (I know in France it’s in June, and I’m afraid elsewhere in the world I don’t have a clue)

And on facebook I posted this picture to say thanks to my Mamma for dragging me up 🙂


I realise now that my future career must have been pre-ordained.

As I look around the hallway of my family home there are no nice pictures of a cute little blonde haired girl. There are pictures of me in muddied clothes, playing out in the garden, holding a spade or running around with a bucket on my head.

So Mum, genuinely THANK YOU, for letting me be that grubby child, for encouraging playing outside and for letting me get into the worlds worst messes and then ruining your washing machines and extending the realms of possibility for the Lenor washing powder.

I became an archaeologist because I love to be outdoors, I love to be in the dirt and my parents were good enough to nurture that from a young age!


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