Musical Digging…

The best way to keep moving and digging on site is to have an array of songs going through your head.

I realised yesterday that I tend to be caught dancing or singing on site. At the moment it’s very noticeable as we can’t have radio’s or Ipods on site (too much machinery around… safety first!) so as I’m humming to myself and then get a bit into it and start bopping away… awkward moment 🙂

Yesterday we had a tour come to the visiting platform… if you fancy one get online to Crossrail and book online, they have visitors in from 1-2 weekdays and on a Thursday evening. So come by and have a butcher’s!

But yes… back to my original point… music on site is food for the soul!

Last night I had an absolute array of songs.

I could NOT get rid of Miley Cyrus for a good few hours last night, and not just any MC but ‘Party in the USA’

Quickly followed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ‘Thrift Shop’

Followed by mine and a colleagues song, this one means a little something (miss you Callum!) Echosmith and ‘Cool Kids’


And finally finished off by my favourite song of the moment – Imagine Dragons ‘I bet my Life’

So all I can say is fill your mind full of fabulous songs… stay happy on site… stay bopping and keep smiling 😀


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