The first week so far…

I’m unsure as to where the middle-point of my week actually is, I suppose Wednesday night was my half way marker. But hec, it’s been a quick week.

So before starting this job there was crazy speculation about how high pressured it was going to be, how much work we would have to get done per person per shift, seriously… the rumour mill was in uproar! I was expecting to turn up onto site with people breathing down my neck, taking stock of every grain of soil I moved and everyone being individually accountable for their failings and missed quotas!

BUT I am happy to report that all is much better than my expectations. The work is interesting, this nights go quickly, my body seems to be betraying me a tad… still thinking that waking up alert at 7:30 is acceptable when you’re on the late shifts.. nothing a  little training and discipline won’t fix!

I look back at my few years in British commercial archaeology and think of all the crazy days I’ve had and the things I’ve had to do.

Right now I leave my building just after 2pm, walk 5 minutes to the train station, hop on the train for 9 minutes, get off at the platform and blam… I’m at work. This gives me loads of time to get into the building, change into all of my orange gear and sit down and chill out with a cup of tea. I get the 11:05pm train home and I’m nicely tucked up asleep by around 11:30. Not a bad day really.

In the past I have woken up at 5:30am, leaving the house at 6am to drive for two hours to be on site by 8am (this is all without being paid any travel costs or travel time) done my days work, finished at 4:30 and then driven the two hours home. being out of the house for over 12.5 hours. Making dinner and then sitting down to eat around 7:30-8 and practically going straight to bed because you’ve got to get up and do it all over again the next day.

The things we do eh! All because archaeology is nomadic and you have to go where the site is.

I think my current situation is actually rather grand. And working 6 days a week just means I have less time to waste my pennies. Ha

Anyway… in other news about my job… bizzarely I must have had my photo taken at least 100 times by now! A camera seems to follow me wherever I go! And we’ve even had a little news crew out on site! So as soon as all the official links go up and I can find in the vast wide world of tinterweb… I’ll put them up 🙂


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