Archaeology: Job, Hobby…Life

As a person who is blogging about my life in archaeology I can totally admit that I have a problem… archaeology is practically my whole life.

I go to work 6 days a week (only 6 days a week at the moment, when I leave London it will be back to Mon-Fri) but when I am away from work, and should therefore be closing my mind to all things archaeological.. it still creeps in there.

290720111931 Visiting Tintagel


Photo-0133. Lindisfarne

Photo-0181 Hartlepool Historic Quay

20120918_124714 A Bangor University Research Dig near Mold

20130810_122132 Stonehenge (even went to the new visitors centre on the opening day)

IMG_54013568035117 Walking around Butser Hill (before heading off to Butser Ancient Farm

10173744_10203120975560971_1202073424543653678_n The Beltain festival at Butser Ancient Farm

10441424_10203429457232820_5527424477951562337_n Old Sarum ramparts… magnificant!

10849904_10204723240576595_8400322062997823593_n  A tour of Easby Abbey

So much to see and so little time!

I take days off work and head off to monuments. I used to do the same as a student.

I spend some of my free time writing this, so I get to yabber on about archaeology and every now and then I try to be productive and go through old papers from university to sort the wheat from the chaff and get them into some sort of article shape.

I think it’s time to say…. I need to get a life 🙂


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