Welcome to the world baby blog.

One night of no sleep, reading horoscopes and here I am writing a blog about the thing I think I know best.

I decided to start a blog about my life and times in archaeology (mostly for self therapy, after a couple of years the cynicism sets it) partly for feedback on comments, issues, stories of times and trials in the trenches.

I have been an archaeologist, or I should rephrase, been considering myself to be an archaeologist since 2009.

I choose 2009 as my starting point as it was that summer, June specifically, that I embarked on a real excavation (and yes I declare uni research digs to be real excavations when conducted in a certain way).

As archaeologists know (and bond over) we all get paid poorly, joke about getting a ‘real’ job, bemoan our life when its raining or snowing and glorify it when the sun is shining.

Well this is my version of events and life as an archaeologist in the UK. So here goes…



One thought on “Welcome to the world baby blog.

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I used to spend hours digging up the garden looking for bits of stone pretending i was an archaeologist, I don’t think my parents saw the fun side of it when they noticed though!
    Looking forward to reading more of your stories 😊 – Luke


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